Coming March 2023

Mark your calendar...

Zipease is going BAMBOO!

With a successful 5 years in business
and raving fans beside us, we are
ready to bring you the best Bamboo line
money can buy!

Zipease cheetah zip romper

Zipease makes the BEST rompers for babies AND their parents.

When it comes to difficult diaper changes, we picture the struggling parent who's in the thick of it changing a blow out after his baby just recently mastered their alligator roll. Mom/Dad is trying to match up 20 snaps while baby is simultaneously flip flopping all over the bed trying to escape! Not only is mom/dad frustrated, but so is baby who just wants to go back to playing with the new spoon he just found! STOP THE MADNESS.

Have no fear, help is here! Introducing: Zipease. Our rompers are the most innovative baby outfit money can buy. With a zipper from ankle to ankle, diaper changes are hassle free! Our ComfEase bamboo lyocell fabric is gentle against baby's skin and stays looking new wash after wash. Our ultra-stretchy fabric allows for easy on and off through the stretchy neckband. This comes in handy every single time a catastrophic blow out occurs! Select sizes offer fold-over mittens and footies for extra comfort from sun up to sun down.

What colors are coming out??

Zipease bamboo lyocell solids