3 Reasons Why Having Zipease G-Tube Rompers is a Must

3 Reasons Why Having Zipease G-Tube Rompers is a Must

When it comes to managing a G-Tube, accessible, comfortable, and stylish clothing can make all the difference. However, trying to find cute, comfortable clothing with convenient port access is often a challenge for parents. The most important considerations when selecting accessible clothing are:

1.) having easy access to the port for feeding and cleaning

2.) a comfortable fabric that will not irritate the area around the port - especially as it heals

3.) a discrete and stylish solution that will give you and your baby confidence and excitement about feeding, cleaning, and living with a G-Tube

Thats why every Zipease product must live up to our "3 C's" and be convenient, comfy, and cute :)

G-Tube Romper Dino Print - Cute, Comfy, Convenient

Zipease G-Tube Rompers


Feeding your baby or cleaning up after leaking or granulation tissue while on-the-go can be difficult without the right clothing. Just like with diaper changes, undressing your child is the last thing you want to do. It takes too much precious time to get their clothes off and on, creates a fuss, and just all around kills the vibe. Thats why our G-Tube rompers are ideal for parents no matter the setting.

Zipease G-Tube rompers are specially made with a discrete zipper located by the stomach for quick access to your little one’s G-Tube button. No snaps, no cutting holes, no difficult patches, just unzip, feed, zip, and get back to the action. Also, if you have a preferred side, Zipease have made to order options online that allow you to select which side the zipper will close toward.


While convenience is important for saving time and keeping the peace with your little ones during feeding and cleaning, comfort is critical to the healing process after the G-Tube is installed and while keeping your child care free throughout their experience with the tube.

Zipease uses our signature, buttery soft fabric for all G-Tube rompers, which helps reduce irritation during the healing process and provides relief when granulation tissue occurs.

Zipease G-Tube - sleep while feeding


Of course we don't just settle for convenience and comfort though - fashion is in our DNA! We believe that having a G-Tube shouldn't mean you have to settle for goofy patterns, bulky patches, or holes in your clothes. Every child should be able to wear something they feel confident in and excited about!

That's why we care as much about the cuteness as we do the comfort and convenience. That's why every pattern we make at Zipease comes with G-Tube options in every size. Because even though your child may need a little extra care, they shouldn't have to settle for anything less than the best.

Zipease G-tube - floral cute in store

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I am loving the new emails! I had never heard of a G-tube before finding Zipease so on top of amazingly soft, cute and comfy rompers that last way past their stated size – you’ve also succeeded in bringing awareness to something important to those whose children need adaptive clothing. Now, that’s amazing and so are you!


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