Women Owned and Operated

Owner of Zipease with her two children

Hi, I’m Taeler. Founder, owner and creator here at Zipease. Finding my passion for sewing wasn’t on purpose. You see, my seriously amazing great-grandma, Billie, passed away in 2016 and I inherited her 60-year-old sewing machine shortly after. I had to do something with this machine; anything to keep Billie's memory alive. So I named my machine Helga and purchased a new user manual to study how she functioned. I joined sewing groups on Facebook to learn patterns and the lingo. I tested out different fabrics and eventually found the ones that we still use to this day. Carrying on the spirit of my great-grandmother, my vision is to bring comfort and convenience to every home, while employing and empowering moms in America

Right now, my team is made up of Kaitlin, our social media manager, and Lakeisha, our community manager. We each live hundreds of miles away from each other but we don't let the distance stop us from bonding and kicking so much butt. We relentlessly send each other voice messages at all hours to share what inspires us, what creative ways we can show up for our customers, and constant encouragement for each other to keep growing as mothers and women. 

With this team of strong women beside me, we conquer the trials of motherhood, life’s roadblocks, and sleep deprivation by leaning on one another with love, friendship, and grit. As our Zipease community grows, so will our team, and nothing excites me more about our future. 

Together, we are powerful. Together, we are The Zipease Matriarch.