Meet The Zipease Team



Taeler - Owner of Zipease Rompers
Hi, I’m Taeler. Sounds like “tailor”...coincidence?
I serve the diaper changers of the world with my innovative zip baby rompers: Zipease. I am a momma of two, a self-taught seamstress, and an avid lover of getting stuff done. I found my true passion in sewing 'all the things' in April 2016 when I inherited my great-grandmother's sewing machine. You’ll almost always find my kiddos and I repping something made by yours truly 🙋🏻‍♀️ (peep the joggers shown above). Handmade is the only way we rock things under our roof! In 2016, I found a gap in the market for convenient and high quality baby rompers, so I made one. My rompers are the first of their kind and provide parents all over America with easy diaper changes! 
Enjoy your time here. Talk soon!


Social Media Manager

Brenna Dean - Zipease Social Media Manager
Hey there! I am Brenna and I am a wife, mother, and avid coffee drinker. I am a woman of many passions and you'll find me hiking, gardening, and doing yoga when I am not working. When motherhood became my calling, I started my freelancing business so I could stay at home with my kids and have some fun on the side. My journey has been an exciting ride but I have found my people in the process of it all. Zipease serendipitously came into my path in 2019 and the rest is history!


Lead Seamstress

Diana Michel
Hello. I'm Diana. I am a wife, a boy mom, and an RN. Becoming a mom has been the best blessing that I never knew I needed and I absolutely love it. I'm a yellow personality, which means that I really love caring for and helping others. I first learned how to sew when I took a Fiber Arts class in high school and I have been sewing off and on since 2008. I originally met Taeler when we were in middle school and when the opportunity to work with her and grow Zipease arose I had to take it. As a mom, I love that I have a part in helping make diaper changes easier for other mamas while still allowing them to dress their kiddos in comfort and style.


Ads Manager

Kayla Wells - Zipease Ads Manager

Hi y'all! I'm Kayla. I'm the forever wrangler of my son and twin daughters and wife to my amazing husband. I live on coffee, water, and the occasional food item. I started freelancing after my twins came on the scene and have found my tribe. Thanks to Brenna, I'm so happy that I've added Taeler and Zipease to that tribe. When I'm not working with my tech and copy clients, I'm usually reading, occasionally playing video games, and waiting for the rain to end so my family and I can get in a round of disc golf!