My name is Taeler. Sounds like Tailor, coincidence?

My name is Taeler. Sounds like Tailor, coincidence?

Hi, I'm Taeler.
Taeler - Zipease Owner

I am the founder, owner, and operator here at Zipease. What began as a hobby four short years ago quickly turned into a career path that I never saw coming. I taught myself how to sew in April 2016 after inheriting my great-grandmother's sewing machine when she passed away. I obsessed over fabrics and patterns and sewing lingo.

Sewing came to me easily, as if it were my life's purpose. If could sit in front of my sewing machine 24/7, I would. It is my passion, my obsessive compulsion, my fondest attachment. I love to learn new techniques and grow my skillset.

Without hesitation, I dove headfirst into this passion of mine. Before long, I saw a gap in the market for easy diaper changes. I searched high and low for a romper without snaps and without a zipper going up the front of the romper. No luck. So, I made one. My first attempt in August 2016 was...rough. But it worked! I knew I had created something big so I proceeded to perfect my patterns, select the perfect fabric base, and in November 2017, Zipease Rompers were announced! My high end baby and toddler rompers are loved by thousands of parents and have save them countless hours with diaper changes! The premium design allows for quick on and off through the stretchy neckline. We have added other products including Mom Products and Sleepers gowns as well.

Thank you for coming along for the ride. I am glad you're here!

Until next time,


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